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Is EcoTurf® pet friendly?

Absolutely! Our synthetic Turf is designed specifically with domestic animals in mind. Our matierals contain drainage holes throughout the primary backing to ensure any liquid will dissipate to the sub-base. For those #2's, you simply scoop it up just like you would on real grass. Any remaining residues can be hosed off.


Does the grass get hot?

The grass will definitely be hotter than real grass, but unlike pavers or concrete, synthetic Turf will not hold the heat (only reflect it).


How is synthetic turf around pools?

It’s great! No more rocks, sand, or grass getting into the pool. Since our Turf has drainage holes it is not an issue for overflow water from the pool.


Is there maintenance with synthetic Turf?

EcoTurf® has little, if any, maintenance. Clean leaves and debris off with a rake and/or a leaf blower. When it rains, your Turf gets rinsed off.


What is EcoTurf®s warranty policies?

All installations include a one-year labor, ten-year limited warranty. The actual life expectancy is 15-20 years depending on use.


How is the grass priced and how much does the grass cost?

The grass is priced on a per square foot basis by taking the length x the width. Our synthetic Turf varies in cost depending on the style and type desired. Prices start as low as $6 per square foot. Every job is different and is priced accordingly.  Call us for a FREE consultation - or visit our showroom!


What about mold or mildew?

We use non-absorbing materials, the sub-base is deigned to soak up and absord water back into the ground and the backing is made of an anti-microbial urethane foam and geotextile fabric made of recycled bottles, all which ensure that mold and mildew will not be an issue.


Can you put lawn furniture on turf?

Definitely! Treat your Turf system like you would real grass and take advantage of the fact the Turf will be just as green when you move something off of it as it was when you put it there!


Will the turf fade?

No! EcoTurf® products are treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against fading and UV degradation. The fibers have a UV protective coating, UV stabilizer and can withstand the damaging effects of the sun, heat, and wind.


Will the turf catch fire?

The Turf is non-flammable.


What if I spill something like paint on the turf?

Our grass is made of non-absorbing materials that allow you to simply clean up any water-based spills without staining.


Does synthetic turf look real?

This grass looks so real, the lightning bugs won’t know the difference. 


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