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Dolphin Aviation Commerce Center 

Sarasota Florida


JOB:  Artificial Turf throughout common grounds.


This letter is to share with you my experiences with Ed Wooster and EcoTurf of Florida.


In the spring of 2014, I contracted with Ed to install 10,000 square feet of Ecoturf in our medians and planters at Dolphin Aviation.  He has an incredible work ethic and made sure no detail was left uncovered.  He is extremely easy to work with and finished the job in a timely manner.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome at Dolphin and wouldn't hesitate to recommend  Ed to anyone wanting a top-notch installation of the latest and greatest quality 'green" product!  Stop by anytime to view our beautiful and maintenance free turf.



Shannon Ciaravella



Korfant Residence

Ellenton Florida


JOB:  Pet grass.


My husband and I are delighted with the results of putting your product Eco-Turf in our backyard. We are especially happy because we now have the peace of mind to allow our beloved, all white, miniature schnauzer dog, Joyboy, out in the fenced-in yard knowing he won’t come in all filthy dirty and wet from natural grass.  When we first let him out, he was a little unsure of what to do on this nice, fresh “lawn,” but after watching him use his yard for the first time, we knew he was happy too. He loves to chase his ball around. I love playing with him, so everyone is happy and clean! The product has lived up to its reputation and is durable in down pouring rain, which afterward seems to drain away faster than fast!

Last year, we put in a huge lanai with a waterless pond for a spectacular addition to our home.  However, the “grass project” was looming over my husband’s head. Thinking he would do sod
and follow up with fertilizer, watering and, of course, subsequent endless mowing, he was slow-moving in getting to the project. Fortunately, he took the time to investigate Eco-Turf. When we
decided to purchase your product, we weren’t’ sure about any of it since no one we knew had done this. We are very excited to be the “pioneers” in our circle of friends and family to have initiated the venture.

Thank you, too, for your courteous and talented service. Your staff followed your supervision and completed a job well done.


Very truly yours, 

John & Rosie Korfant


Simpson Residence

Bradenton, FL


JOB: Patio for Dog Run


         A++ Top notch customer service, ground prep, installation and beauty!!            Not only do I love the looks and ease of care, my dogs love it, too. I hose          down the turf, pick up the doggie lumps and it looks brand new. I would          recommend periodic use of Uricide for any lingering doggie odors. PS.              Ed worked through tornado warnings and torrential rains. Anyone else            would have packed up and gone home. He stayed until the job was                  complete.



           Dr. Jeanne Simpson



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