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The area where Turf is to be installed must be clear of any debris, rock, grass (grass removal is an additional cost), etc. Once the natural soil is cleared and leveled to appropriate depths, the area is ready for sub base.


A #250 mix sub-base will be spread at a depth of 2” - 4" depending on desired height of Turfs finished grade. Once the #250 mix is spread and leveled, it will be wet down and compacted creating a solid long-term base for the Turf. The sub-base will allow absorption of excess rain, hose water, etc.  


OPTIONAL: After the sub-base has been compacted, we lay a breathable weed fabric to ensure weeds and other undesirables don't grow through drainage holes in Turf.


The area is ready for Turf installation. The Turf is fastened directly to the sub-base with 5"-6" staples or 6”-8" galvanized nails to insure the Turf doesn't expand and contract (the nails aren't visibile or accessible for kids or animals to pull out). All Turf is custom fit to your area and hand-cut to fit perfectly for your yard. Once the Turf is installed we backfill all Turf with round drainfield sand, which is not visible but it necessary.


The final touch is to power broom the Turf to stand the fibers up and complete your personalized EcoTurf® synthetic Turf system.


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